Tiki Telecaster®

The vibe of the South Pacific comes alive with this hand-carved Tiki Telecaster build by Dennis Galuszka.


Atlantis Telecaster®

With body wood that could have been adrift for years, and a map engraved pickguard, Dale Wilson’s Atlantis Telecaster is a true treasure.


Laguna Beach Esquire®

An unforgettable creation by Yuriy Shishkov which incorporates a canvas painting on the guitar, a case that unfolds into an easel and a matching framed painting.


Peacock Telecaster®

This one of a kind piece created by Yuriy Shishkov demonstrates the artistry of elaborate inlay with jewel accents.



Built with a little ‘Motor Rhythm’ for the Rev. Willie G, this Esquire® created by Chris Fleming and Kit Carson is a true masterpiece.


“Dia de los Muertos”

The Day of the Dead Telecaster® is a celebration of life was created in collaboration with artists Kit Carson, Dan Lawrence, Ron Thorn, Tom Arndt and Chris Flemming.  


Carved Phoenix Stratocaster®

Bookmatched flame maple over rosewood provided a fantastic canvas for master carver George Amicay. Accentuated by Yuriy Shishkov’s inlay work and craftsmanship, this Strat is divine.  


The Hannya Telecaster® Set

Based upon one of the best-known figures from 14th century Japanese musical drama, this guitar and amp set painted by Joe Wood keeps the legend of Hannya alive.