Fender Custom Shop Artisan Series Overview

Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Dennis Galuszka and Director of Wood Technology Mike Born give you the inside scoop here on the new Artisan series Walnut-Top Stratocaster and Spalted Maple-Top Stratocaster guitars. Both instruments are built with beautifully crafted tops, …
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The Crystal Telecaster

Todd Krause had been building instruments for a long time before he officially joined Fender in 1991.  But over the past year, the Fender Master Builder tackled a career first when he decided to create a crystallized guitar for the …
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The Faded Tennessee Orange Hollow-Body Tele

When one thinks about a Fender Telecaster, a hollow body is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  Or the fourth thing, for that matter. Sure, there have been a slew of semi-hollow Telecaster Thinline guitars over the …
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The Tortoise Telecaster

Over his many years with the Fender Custom Shop, Master Builder Dennis Galuzka has made countless guitars.  But his offering for the 2014 NAMM Show is one of the most unique instruments to ever come from his hands. What has …
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The Metallic Bourbon Jazz Bass

Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Jason Smith has built amazingly unique guitars and basses for many years, and one of those one-of-a-kind numbers has recently sprouted a few brothers and sisters. Smith originally crafted a Jazz Bass in Metallic Bourbon …
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Quilt Top Strats

Dale Wilson, who became a master builder for the Fender Custom Shop in 2011, recently completed two breathtaking beauties that must be seen to be believed. Wilson crafted a pair of Fender Stratocasters from light ash bodies, topped them with …
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Green Esquire

Barbed Wire carved into the body along with an inset metal top, set this Esquire apart.