From The Shop

Master Builders Break Down the Dragon Skin Tele, ’69 Rosewood Strat and Cardboard Strat

The Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection unveiling continues this week during the 2016 NAMM Show.

These guitars are handcrafted masterpieces, and we got the chance to interview each Master Builder about them.

Previously, we’ve featured Todd Krause’s Katana and Jason Smith’s Claro Walnut P/J Bass, Dennis Galuzka’s 66 Blue Moto P Bass and Scott Buehl’s Long Jag, and Yuriy Shishkov’s Music Repeater Tele and Dale Wilson’s Stained Glass Tele.

Now, we offer a closer look at John Cruz’s Dragon Skin Tele, Paul Waller’s Cardboard Strat and Greg Fessler’s 1969 Rosewood Stratocaster with a flame maple top.

Learn more about the Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection in the videos below.