Custom Shop Road Show

Join the Fender Custom Shop team for your chance to play, design and purchase incredible Custom Shop instruments, as well as enter exclusive giveaways for great Fender prizes. 2014 Roadshow Tour Dates Coming Soon!  


The Metallic Bourbon Jazz Bass

Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Jason Smith has built amazingly unique guitars and basses for many years, and one of those one-of-a-kind numbers has recently sprouted a few brothers and sisters. Smith originally crafted a Jazz Bass in Metallic Bourbon …
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FenderCS1962-11 - (news)

Beh Ngiep Seng 50th Anniversary Stratocaster®

Thailand distributor Beh Ngiep Seng (BNS) and the Fender Custom Shop team up to celebrate and co-design the 50th Anniversary of BNS with the 1962 BNS 50th Stratocaster as part of the Custom Shop’s Dealer Select program. The 1962 Stratocaster …
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Josh Klinghoffer Tours Fender Custom Shop

  Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer recently stopped by the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, Calif., to pick up a few guitars that Master Builder Jason Smith was working on for him. Klinghoffer left with four 1960 Fender …
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Limited Edition Sheryl Crow 1959 Custom Telecaster®

  Fender released a new version of its already-successful Telecaster guitar in 1959. Called the Custom Telecaster, it featured top and back body binding, which, at the time, was a bold statement for Fender. It became a classic instrument. Thirty-five …
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M.Casale Bauer Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Cardiano di Granarolo (Bo), June 2012 – It was in Autumn 1962, when Mr. Bauer, pioneer in musical instruments distribution in Italy, bought six Fender guitars (that will be followed by many, many others), and started tripping across Italy for …
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Mary Kaye Tribute

Iconic guitar player Mary Kaye talks about Fender and her Tribute Stratocaster.