On behalf of the entire Fender Custom Shop team, we would like to thank you for purchasing the very best of Fender and invite you to register your purchase with us now.
Upon completion of this registration :
  • All original owners of Custom Shop instruments will be granted an extension of the duration of the warranty on the hardware and electronics of their instruments, from a limited one-year warranty, to a limited lifetime warranty.
  • We will mail you a Custom Shop Custom Care warranty duration extension card.
  • If it becomes necessary to ship your instrument somewhere to receive warranty service we'll be happy to pick up the shipping costs, both ways.
If you are not the original owner and purchased your instrument used, we'd still love for you to complete this registration so that we may officially welcome you into the Custom Shop family.

If you have any questions about this product registration, the warranty duration extension offer or if you are experiencing any issues at all with your new Custom Shop instrument and need direct assistance or guidance, please call Fender Consumer Relations at: 1 (800) 856-9801, or e-mail us at

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