Click here to register your Custom Shop instrument today, and you'll receive these key benefits of the Custom Care program:

Warranty Extension
Upon registration, original purchasers will be given an extension of their warranty that provides worldwide limited lifetime coverage on the electronic and hardware components of their Custom Shop instruments.

This extension will be subject to the same limitations and exclusions specified in the standard current FMIC limited lifetime stringed instrument warranty.

In support of, and as proof of our unwavering commitment to Custom Shop customers, we'll provide this extension to all registered original purchasers worldwide, regardless of original retail purchase date.

Please note that only original Custom Shop instrument owners are eligible to receive the warranty extension.
Priority Service
A toll-free phone line *1.800.856.9801) and e-mail address ( have been established so that Custom Shop customers can easily contact Fender Custom Care. Custom Care staff will respond to inquiries on a priority basis during standard business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday).
Worldwide Repair/Service Options
After evaluation at a local Custom Care certified service center, consumers will have the option to request the location where they prefer to have warranty repair/service performed.

  • Local service through certified Fender Custom Care service centers for minor issues and/or product evaluation.
  • In-house repair by the Fender Custom Shop or international Fender operations.
Complimentary Shipping
Fender will pay round-trip freight charges for Custom Shop products requiring warranty repair. Detailed shipping instructions (including instrument and parts packaging instructions) will be provided on receipt of the initial service request.
Attention to Customer Details
Every effort will be made by the Fender Custom Shop Service Department to preserve the special qualities that make each customer's guitar unique. We will document and confirm all personalized setup specifications, and no work will be performed without the consumer's informed consent.
21-Point Inspection
On receiving your instrument for Custom Care warranty service, Fender Custom Shop and/or Custom Care certified service center personnel will perform a 21-point inspection. The following will be performed free of charge:

  1. Confirm receipt of instrument
  2. Confirm stated concerns
  3. Confirm all personalized setup specifications
  4. Provide initial diagnostic evaluation of stated problem
  5. Provide repair time estimate
  6. Provide non-warranty repair quote (when applicable)
  7. Install new set of strings
  8. Check and set intonation
  9. Check string height at nut
  10. Check and set action (string height at 17th fret)
  1. Check and adjust neck relief (truss rod)
  2. Check and adjust tremolo (on models so equipped)
  3. Check and adjust pickup height
  4. Check and clean electronic components
  5. Check and confirm playability
  6. Clean and condition (non-finished) fingerboard
  7. Check and ensure fret condition
  8. Check and tighten tuning machines
  9. Check and secure any loose parts
  10. Inspect finish and cosmetic condition
  11. Provide summary of final resolution to the problem
Non-warranty repair work
During the inspection, if our experts recommend repairs or improvements that fall outside of normal warranty coverage and are not part of the customer's original request for service, Fender will do the following:

  • Contact the customer with our findings and provide a quote outlining the details of recommended non-warranty service and pricing on non-warranty repair work.
  • Provide a time estimate.
  • Seek customer approval to perform the non-warranty work ourselves, or ask if the customer does not want Fender Custom Shop or Custom Care certified service centers to conduct the work.
  • Request an approval signature and method of payment for any non-warranty work. On completion of non-warranty work, the customer will be billed accordingly.
  • Exclusions: At this time, we do not accept customer requests for non-repair elective product modifications. However, we will offer assistance in providing information on local authorized service centers where the customer may choose to have elective modification work done.
Complete Documentation
A service report will accompany all products serviced in-house on completion of each service request. The report will include customer contact information, service request details, instrument evaluation summary, the 21-point inspection checklist status, an itemization of all work performed, and the signature of the service technician.