Artist Series

This is hallowed ground for us. Iconic artists have come to the Fender® Custom Shop in search of their perfect instruments. As a result, we can offer the same instruments to you, built in the same shop and by the same people.


Fender Stars


David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster®
David Gilmour and the Fender Custom Shop are extremely proud… Learn More

Dick Dale Signature Stratocaster®
The Dick Dale Stratocaster® guitar honors the sound and style… Learn More

Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster®
Built to Clapton’s specs, the Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature… Learn More

Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster®
From his blistering British Invasion beginnings through his amazingly… Learn More

Robert Cray Signature Stratocaster®
The Robert Cray Stratocaster® guitar is a “strong persuader,”… Learn More

Robin Trower Signature Stratocaster®
Legendary solo artist and Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower… Learn More

Rory Gallagher Signature Stratocaster®
Fender Custom Shop designers met Donal Gallagher, brother of… Learn More



Albert Collins Signature Telecaster®
The Ice Man’s ’66 Custom Telecaster® guitar is faithfully… Learn More

Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster®
The Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster® guitar is based on Gatton’s… Learn More

John 5 Bigsby® Signature Telecaster®
The J5 Bigsby® Signature Telecaster® guitar bears shred monster… Learn More

John 5 Signature Telecaster®
With classic Telecaster® guitar styling and cutting-edge modifications,… Learn More

Merle Haggard Signature Telecaster®
The Hag’s signature tribute Telecaster® guitar is a modified… Learn More


Jaco Pastorius Tribute Jazz Bass®
The Jaco Pastorius Tribute Jazz Bass® is a faithful re creation… Learn More

Pino Paladino Signature Precision Bass®
When your resume includes Jeff Beck, The Who, Eric Clapton, Simon… Learn More

Reggie Hamilton Signature Jazz Bass®
The Reggie Hamilton Jazz Bass® guitar has an active/passive… Learn More