“80 Proof” Blues Junior™ Limited Edition

Model #: 2230500362
“80 Proof” Blues Junior™ Limited Edition, 120V

More about “80 Proof” Blues Junior™ Limited Edition

Like a 23-year aged whiskey, the venerable Fender® Blues Junior has only improved with age. This limited-edition version of the 15-watt wonder is encased in a cabinet lovingly handcrafted from reclaimed bourbon barrels that feature distinct stamps and markings from the various source distilleries—no two are alike! Its rustic visual appeal is sure to look at home in your living room. Matching hand-aged components enhance the cabinet, crafting a highly collectible piece of history limited to 100 units worldwide.

The solid oak cabinet creates a rich low end, shaping the impeccably well-balanced authentic Fender sound that rolls around the ears with just the right amount of smoothness, tempered with midrange bite and clarity. A 12” 8-ohm Jensen® P12Q speaker is driven by a trio of 12AX7 preamp tubes matched to dual EL84 power tubes for complex sonics that nimbly respond to variations in picking dynamics. The spring reverb and FAT boost switch are near to hand to add girth to the all-tube “80 Proof’s” golden tonality for those moments when you need a little more kick.

Hand-aged in the Fender Custom Shop, the leather handle, brass knobs and control plate balance the deep brown cabinet bearing a Fender logo seared into the wood—presenting a unified aesthetic that’s a natural next to your favorite living room chair. Full of vintage mojo and silky smooth classic Fender tone, the “80 Proof” Blues Junior combo is a top-shelf portion of Fender’s history that won’t be available for long.



Model Name: “80 Proof” Blues Junior™ Limited Edition, 120V
Model Number: 2230500362
Series: Limited Edition Amps
Amplifier Type: Tube
Color: Aged Natural


Controls: Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, Fat Switch, Volume
Inputs: One - 1/4"
Channels: One
Rectifier: Solid State
Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 15 Watts


Cabinet Material: Aged Whiskey Barrel Oak
Handle: Vintage Leather Strap
Effects: Reverb
Control Knobs: Brass


Pre Amp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes: 2 x EL84


FootSwitch: 1-Button ("Fat" ON/Off), P/N: 0994054000 (Not Included)